Home Videos The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)

The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)


The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)


  1. What is this list TLOU isn't even here Wtf and I thought U4. Was ps4 pro enhanced? U didn't mention that. Sorry but this list is not worthy TLOU is one of the best games ever made and you put fallout on here that's BS it runs like absolute shit fps are terrible story is crap compared to 3.

  2. Why does everyone like uncharted 4 and last of us? Uncharted 4 is ok nothing mind blowing, I liked the last of us but I wish zombies did more

  3. i cant agree with you. Metal gear solid is one of my hate list game also as GTA 5. The others are mostly uninteresting.

  4. Witcher 3 is #1. MGS 5 was complete garbage and most of the games on this list are multi platform games idgi

  5. any games from this list could be no. 1 , it depends on which game you prefer.. for me i like the third person type of games.. so it will be UC,MGS,WITCHER and GTAV.. by the way why does AC are not included?

  6. where the fuck is skyrim, it's remastered version is still better then most of games u mentioned in your shitty list and where is last of us remastered

  7. wow, seriously Witcher 3 on number 7, this shows me u don't know anything about games. Witcher should be in top 3 slots.

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