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Terminator Salvation Review


Terminator Salvation Review

Classic Game Room HD - TERMINATOR SALVATION review


  1. it's still a good game, who needs boss battles? I mean I love this game, so u can't be complaining

  2. One of the first games I had on the 360. Absolutely loved it. Don't ask why but I just really enjoyed it, I easily played it over ten times

  3. Same as many other comments, I picked this up from eBay for under 4 pounds purely for the platinum. It's a terrible game it at least it was short.

  4. This is proof that IGN doesn't honestly review games. Go to ANGRY JOE SHOW's channel and he reviews this game, giving it a 2/10 which is what this game really deserves.

  5. i just hired this game one night aaaages ago to bust it out on the hardest setting to get all trophies, mainly for the platinum trophy haha

  6. It is a decent game little short but I liked it health system is broken Ill have full health while in cover then I die

  7. maybe the spider terminators can see you while youre in cover because you have a giant RPG on your back sticking up in the air.

  8. did anyone else have a problem with the health regeneration being broken? I mean when you fight the two T-600s at once and you have to run up the stairs I always had only a quarter of my health left by the time Dobkin makes those pipe bombs

  9. FarSight Studios has the Terminator table on Xbox 360 (The Pinball Arcade) I think. I liked both Terminator Salvation and Genesis.

  10. I don't get the dislikes. This game was a lot of fun. It eventually kept freezing my PS3 though.

  11. We respect your opinion immensely but after playing this, it's quite terrible. However, The Terminator on the Sega CD is another story.

  12. Круто! у меня на канале есть всё, только свисни

  13. Aight, "nice fun sci fi ride", I already have Binary Domain, I'll add this to Inversion and Dark Void.

  14. The only thing wrong here is Arnold Schwarzenegger is not in the game.
    I guess Terminator 2 3D is and was his final Hasta la vista, baby.

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