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Sony EyePet Review


A pet sim that will Move you

Sony EyePet Review

EyePet & Friends Gameplay PS3 HD


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  2. kinectnimals…..wow those fuckers copy us in everything…..those retarded of microshit should show more shame,kinect is a copy of ps toy kinectimals is a copy of this,wtf,retarded shitbox fans dumb retarded sored,screw you mother fuckers…..youre nothing and you have noooothing,youre no one and nothing,but shit.,and this is far better than that shit box copy…you are and have only shiiiitt.jajaja

  3. I love Kinectimals XD

    Is more funny and have more challenges and animals
    You can move more than this game.

    But is more funny with a real pet XD

  4. @lucas13456789 not even, the interaction makes the cuteness better and i enjoy eyepet more than i do kinectimals

  5. Lol this isn't gay. It's made for girls and young kids. I acctually had fun playing this with my little sister.

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