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some oblivion xbox 360 questions?


ok, so i just got oblivion game of the year addition for the xbox 360. it comes with oblivion, shivering isles, and knights of the nine. what is knights of the nine? also, what does the DLC “fighters stronghold” do? do you get to own a castle in fighters stronghold or something?

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  1. Knights of the Nine is another faction/guilde. It starts in anvil, where a prophet is talking about the attack. U must pray at all 9 divine’s altars. Then, u have to get the 9’s armor and fight a fallen king that is being ressurected.

    I got the Fighters Stronghold on Wednesday. It is a quest where u must go to this castle and fight off the attackers. After u defeat them, u get the castle as a reward. Then, u hav to repair all of the rooms for 2555 gold each. Not a beginner’s quest.

  2. Knights of the Nine is a side quest where you go to Anvil and talk to a preacher and you have to find these shrines and then fight some guy and get some awesome armor and weapon. Check link for walkthrough and more in depth info.

  3. ok oblivion is one of the best games ever, but knights of the nine was erm. boring at best lol, its basically you have to go round and find this armour which is really good and you have to kill some bad guys along the way as well but snag is to wear the armour you can not do anything wrong like killing innocents or stealing and to repent your past sins you must go on a pilgramige to the nine shrines which are really hard to find.

    i dunno about DLC my xbox had broken so i cant find out til its fixed sorry. shivering isles is amazing though i love it, for nights of the nine just get the armour then either not have fun on the game cus your a good boy or hang it up somewhere in your house 😀 have fun

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