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Red ring of death? 3 red lights come up?


when i start up my xbox it shows 3 red lights, and says its error code E73 im wondering, is there anyway to fix this problem? or will i need to buy a new xbox? my friend said it maybe was the power source or it was too hot. I think it might be too hot cause last night when i was playing it i turned it off and my sister (who also plays on it) said that she thought it felt hot. anyway can i fix this?

Thanks 🙂

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  1. any three ring xbox can be fix for free from Microsoft as long as the warranty sticker is in place.

    the e73 error is the Ethernet port failing. other then sending it in u have to reflow the port.

  2. congratulations, you just broke your xbox. it might explode in your house, so i would suggest tossing it in mexico.

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