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PS3 Home Question?


I’m thinking about buying a playstation 3 for the new Playstation Home feature and I’m wondering if it will be possible to have more than one avatar on the same console?

This may be a dumb question but I dont have a PS3 yet so forgive me.

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  1. Hey Mindfreak, if your PS3 overheats that much, there may be something wrong with it. They can cool themselves very well, mine can be on for hours and doesn’t get anywhere past slightly warm. If you call Sony at 1-800-345-7669 to talk to someone, maybe they’ll suggest you return it if your warranty is still valid.

    Anyway, to get back on topic, I think you can have more than one. You can have a main PSN account and a few sub-accounts on one PS3. I think the avatar will be linked to your PSN account, so if you have one main one and a few sub ones, maybe you can have one main avatar and some sub-avatars. Also make sure you want all that the PS3 has to offer. I have an 80 GB PS3 and love it (even though I’m about to send it to Sony because it kept freezing, they’re sending me a new one and its all good). But getting one just “for the new Playstation Home feature” is a poor reason to spend the money. You should want the Blueray, the games, videos & music, and a web browser. Don’t waste your money if all you want is Playstation Home.

  2. I don’t believe anyone can answer this except someone who helps program the ps3

    I have a ps3 and HOME is not out yet unless you figure out how to get the beta testing version which is next to impossible

    on account of buying a ps3, i say go for it, it’s an amazing system and you’ll get years of entertainment from it

    I use my ps3 every day, this is my DVD player, my video game player, my Blu-Ray player, my music player, and my picture presenter

    I love it but you really need to get a NYKO Intercooler because this thing heats up like you wouldn’t believe

    by the way, this is not a dumb question many people have it and i would love to know the answer myself

  3. No, don’t get the Nyko Intercooler. It damages your system because the airflow out of the fan unit is less than the airflow pushed out by the PS3, thus causing a heat buildup on the exterior of the system. Your PS3 can fail faster using it. Just leave 4″ of space on the sides, top, and back, and don’t run it with the entertainment cabinet door closed and you’ll never have overheating problems. If you get a 40GB system you’ll have even less of a chance of overheating because it’s a 65nm Cell processor (it generates less heat than a 90nm chip). Anyhow, the PS3 has an auto-shutoff feature if it detects the system temperature is too high.

    I haven’t heard anything of multiple avatars in Home. I would assume it’d be a single avatar, similar to how you use 1 name on the PSN. Hopefully someone in the PS Home beta passes by and answers this question though even if it’s not in the closed beta, the feature could be in the full version.

  4. Yes, you can because on the PS3 you could make more than one profile and each uses different online names and Home creates an avatar for each profile.

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