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PS3 3.65 firmware is safe or not?


3.65 PS3 Firmware Causing Freezing Problems – Report.

(is it true.)?

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  1. It’s not save for everybody. Some systems are having issues when they update to fw 3.65. My system, for example won’t load any disks (DVD, CD, Blue Ray, PS2 game or PS3 game) after updating to fw 3.65. I’ve tried everything Sony recommended, but nothing worked. Now I’m waiting for the next fw update and hoping it solves the problem. So, if I were you, I would not update your fw to 3.65! Better safe than sorry!!

  2. well i recommend you not to update to 3.65 its not nessary if your on 3.61 then its good you will still be able to connect to psn with 3.61 because 3.65 is an optional update. and the 3.61 is much more stable than 3.65

  3. I just updated my PS3 with 3.65 without issue. I personally haven’t heard of 3.65 causing problems. In fact, I’ve personally never had any problems with any updates, they’ve all been fine for me.

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