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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review


The good prince returns. How does his latest adventure stack up?

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review


  1. never played a pfp game….its included with ps+ should i download it? I listen to you guys rather than the videos…thank you!!!

  2. It was very weird since PoP FS on Wii was a whole other game. It was nothing like this. It was a bit short now that i remeber it. And it sort of pays tribute the original trilogy but the game was nothing like this. Though even tho this looks a bit better it really felt boring in the end. Saw my brother play it. Meh. But the one i owned was a Meeeeh… Okay 😉 Though my favorite was and will always be PoP from 2008. Soo gorgeous <3

  3. Prince of Persia should have a new entry on next gen or at least a remastered it is the best ubisoft game

  4. this game gets harsh criticism for story but lets be fair, they never had an award winning telltale level plot, they were enough to keep you hooked on the gameplay and mechanics and this game just that

  5. This game doesn't control as good as the trilogy did. WW is by far the best game in the series gameplay and imo atmosphere wise while TTT and SOT (SOT especially) were true to the original source material.

  6. So never having played these games before i decided to try this one. Clunky at best controls, very bad camera, crappy story, poor combat, repetitive platforming and enemies, and worst of all NO SUBTITLES. Having a baby it can be very hard to hear and sometimes no to little volume is necessary when she sleeps. 2/10 for me. I have sands of time so maybe ill try that and hope for the best.

  7. Amazing game with amazing story but only thing I dont like about this game was its lenght. It is a very short game. I ended the entire game within 4-5 days…

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