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Playstation Eye questions?


1. Would the PS2 Eyetoy camera work for PS Eye games?

2. Are the PS Eye games that good?

3. Is the camera worth 40$

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  1. wow. 1st answer absolutely knows nothing about the ps eye

    i personally do not own a ps eye since i have no need of one. Butdo have a ps2 eyetoy which works just fine on the ps3. Although the ps2 eyetoy does act as a headset and as a camera for video chatting with other psn friends you can not play the ps eye games. However, if you have a backwards compatible ps3 you can play the ps2 eyetoy games.

    so answer to number 1: No it will not work with ps eye games such as the eye of judgement game.

    My uncle is a huge fan of interactive games and has bought almost all of the ps eye games that are offered in the playstation store. Some are pretty fun. but most of them just make you look silly.

    so answer to number 2: Most of them are pretty bad, but some games such as operation creature feature are pretty fun

    I don’t know where you live but i see the cameras going for 30 bucks at my best buy. It’s a pretty good deal if you don’t have a headset yet and you want to talk to your friends. The camera can support movement pretty fast. I read you can see things at 30fps which is really good for a camera. You can make some movies and even use it as a webcam for your pc or mac if you have one!

    if i didn’t buy a ps2 eyetoy before i would definitively get the camera because of all the functions it has

    if you have anymore questions you can email or IM me at:

    [email is not allowed]

    if you want to see the quality of the ps2 eyetoy in chat you can also add me on playstation network:



  2. 1. Yes

    2. Not really

    3. No

    To the guy below me. Yeah it does I used my eye toy eye to play some games that need the PlayStation eye.

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