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Playstation 4 Pro vs Playstaion 4


Playstation 4 Pro vs Playstaion 4


  1. Damn I want it the pro 4 now I got to take PS4 damn they need to come out with ps5 now watch when I get this PS4 ps5 come out lol so I'm go with PS4 but I'm thinking help me with this

  2. Stick with my PS4 Original thought PS4 Pro doesnt worth it still 8k format come out and just buy this pro console is no enough it force people to buy 4k TV witch dont worth it for people who have FULL HD Ps4 Pro is no original 4k console its upscaling upgrated PS4 Full HD console with more boost

  3. Draw distance is drastically improved in ps4 Pro (cause i own both) and you need to look at it yourself cause youtube is not the best comparison. Ps4 Pro is alot better and Color pallet thing is not effecting what so ever

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