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PlayStation 3 problem?


My ps3 has been doing this for a while now.

Most ps2 games I try to play (with just over 50% of them scratched, but playable) have a grid of random colored dots that are usually green, or random patches of background and/ or ground have this neon green color or neon purple. This Play Station is out of warranty, and I have nearly 100 games, so its not the specific game itself, its the console. This occurs with even slightly scratched disk as well, not just really really old ones. My questions are:

1. Do you have this same problem?

2. If you fixed it, how?

3. If you didn’t fix it, do you mind the dots?

Answer No even if you don’t have the problem, I want to see how many do vs how many don’t

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  1. Friend had this problem

    Turn your PS3 off, press HARD (not too hard, just a comfortable hard) and firmly on TOP of the ps3 and hold for 10 seconds.

    See if that works, it did for my friend, but only lasted awhile til he had to do it again.

    The graphic card may be messed up. PS2 CDs are different from PS3, different writing and such. Those small scratches could appear to be problem-free on a PS2’s graphics/CD reader, but could be major on a PS3 because it pays attention to extremely small details and such.

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