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Plankton's Robotic Revenge | Fred Reviews


  1. The sad thing is that this and Hero Pants could have been great if actual effort was put into them. They could have had the same basic gameplay, just more polished, better and more varied guns (for Robotic Revenge(, better melee, more balance super powers (for Hero Pants), and etc.

  2. 3:22 how is it that def jam vendetta and def jam fight for ny, games that came out a decade ago, have better animation during in-game cutscenes than this?

  3. I actually own the Xbox 360 edition of this game. Within a day of owning it, I beat it.

    I love how there is an achievement that requires 4 players, like I want to share my painful torture with 4 friends just for a personal benefit.

    There are cheats in the game, however I can't figure out how to unlock them.

  4. 16:50 you admitted it was a kids game don't get me wrong I'm on your side but you said it was a game for everyone then you said it's a kids game

  5. I just realized: This is a game about robots that came out exactly 10 years after Battle for Bikini Bottom. The sequel is a game that is based off a Movie that re-uses a lot of assets, but focuses more on another genre. It also came out 10 years after the Movie game and is considered slightly worse than it's predecessor. Coincidence, I think not!!

  6. i like how you said you can respect other peoples opinions after you bashed their opinions and then went and did it some more XD that was fuckin funny

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