Home Videos New Xbox Announcement (Project Scorpio) Xbox One 4k Coming Holiday 2017

New Xbox Announcement (Project Scorpio) Xbox One 4k Coming Holiday 2017


OUTLAST 2 All Cutscenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMISlG2tIHE

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Looks like we got Microsoft’s response to the PS4 Neo, but will it be 1 year too late? It does sound extremely powerful.

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New Xbox Announcement (Project Scorpio) Xbox One 4k Coming Holiday 2017


  1. If there is one thing I will certainly hand it to Xbox for is the fact that they are taking a more pro consumer approach. In the sense that, rather than clinging onto Xbox exclusives and competing with PS to see who can bribe the most developers to make games exclusively for that platform, they are competing in terms of things like hardware, features and actual merits of the platform itself. Which is far better for the industry, the consumers and the developers.

  2. can someone tell me if the project scorpio is the xbox one s or is it a different console that's going to need different games or is it just a new edition? ? I've been telling my fiends and they don't belive me

  3. Waited two years, for rust to make it o Xbox one ;-: ill still wait with my hopes high

  4. microsoft just makes people buy the new xbox then two years later they make a new xbox while they sit there in there little rich ass mettings saying more money

  5. So fuck you XBOX. Cuz that's what there basically doing.
    There so fucking scared of PlayStation that's there just going to go all out. This is not longer a console your talking about, 95% of PC gamers computers don't runt that god damn strong. Before you sit a think this is going to be awesome…there probably charging 1k for something like this.
    Thank you PC universe. You finally done it. You decided to put your useless input into an argument that wasn't yours to begin with, and now the conventionally, affordable, practical consoles won't be what it used to be.

  6. Damn so Xbox Two gonna have like 5k res. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Well Microsoft, I have expectations then. Take my money. Project Scorpio better deliver. And If it costs more than 700$ it certainly absolutely better deliver. Gentlemen I will buy this console if it is even around a grand which it won't, but the point is Scorpio better look cool, and deliver. Don't be like Ubisoft now.

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