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NBA 2K17 (PS4) Cavs vs Bulls Gameplay


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NBA 2K17 (PS4) Cavs vs Bulls Gameplay


  1. this game is pretty good and I'm really playing basketball so I can be drafted by the caveliers

  2. Honestly this is the realest looking sports game I've ever seen…good job from 2k sports, the only problem I see is the lag and reaction times, you press a button and you have to wait 1 second before your player reacts. Looks like 2k is putting graphics above gameplay experience.

  3. ░G░E░T░ ░F░R░E░E░ ░V░C░ ░H░A░C░K░ ░N░B░A░ ░2░K░1░7░ ░C░l░i░c░k░ ░H░e░r░e░
    >>>>>> http://lkn.li/vYrDq?6e2hc3
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  4. how are you getting AUDIO for the replays? I recorded one earlier, just got game for kids. No Audio at all. Or did you stream it first? I've got a Black Magic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle that I can capture with but prefer using PS4's capture for ease of use. Thanks

  5. ░H░o░w░ ░T░o░ ░G░e░t░ ░F░R░E░E░ ░V░C░ ░H░A░C░K░ ░N░B░A░ ░2░K░1░7░ ░C░l░i░c░k░ ░H░e░r░e░
    C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤️

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