Home Xbox Forum my xbox has red ring o’ death?

my xbox has red ring o’ death?


ive always treated it now but after like five minutes of playing to little red lights come on the xbox 360 i no that’s not the full ring of death so what does it mean and can i fix it?

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  1. I don’t get what you mean but i think it is the 3 red rings.If not here are the red ring errors.

    1 red ring- Hardware failure may show e74 on the screen.This is fixable UNLESS you know whats the problem because it could be unknown.

    2 red rings- Xbox 360 is overheating. to fix unconnect everthing and let it cool down.

    3 red rings- This inindicates genaral hardware failure.Fixable

    4 red rings- just the av cable replace it or connect it better.

    if you got the 1 red ring i would send it to micrsoft or a repair shop. Again i think you got the 3 red rings. like what you did now you looked online.Your going to see somthing called the towal fix.DO NOT do this fix it damges your xbox 360 evan more. If your going to fix you 3 ringed xbox heres what to do. If you under the 3 year xbox 360 warrenty send it do them, you could fix it your self, and you could send it to a reparshop.If your going to fix your self i would do the xclamp fix.If you need dirtions to fix your xbox yourself go to youtube and search xbox 360 xclamp fix.I hope this helps.

  2. It means that the console is too hot to play the best thing you can do is take a air duster and spray in the vents and make sure its well ventilated area. (GOOD LUCK)

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