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my xbox 360 has the e74 problem. can MS fix for free or do i have to pay?


My xbox just got e74 problem and i was wondering if they can fix their problem or if i have to pay for something thats not even my fault.

oh my xbox is from august 2006

is my warranty like expired or something?

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  1. The warranty spans for 3 years and is extended further for those who have had the E74 error, so it will be repaired for free, I’m not sure how much it is extended by. A word of advice, buy a 360 intercooler for your console, which cools the 360 down dramatically, I play for hours sometimes and it isn’t even warm, but before I got the intercooler it got hot very quickly, but don’t worry about the noise the intercooler makes, that is normal. My 360 got the Red Rings of Death in 2006, got it repaired for free under the 3 year warranty in 2006, bought the intercooler in 2006, and it is now 2009 and I have had no problems since I bought the intercooler.

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