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My ps3 controller wont work!?


My ps3 controller wont work, the x o ^ and [] work but when im in the playstation menu it wont move at all and its some times goes crazy and zip up and down my menu. PLEASE HELP.
I also cannot and do not want to buy a new one.
Update 2:
Well all the buttons work but they skits out I have to use another controller to get in the game then itd fine apart from L2 being permanatly stuck. I am currently taking apart my controller now.

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  1. You know I would try just restarting the system but if that doesn’t fix it, it’s probably time to buy a new one. I’ve had a lot of controllers just crap out on me, I always get the warranty on them at best buy and usually can get them replaced for free, I’ve had to replace my PS3 controllers once since I first bought it when it was new. You might just end up getting a new one.

  2. They can break internally if you drop them, buttons stop working or work when you press other buttons as well. If that happens the controller is screwed, chuck it out and get a new one because you cant fix them.

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