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Modern Warefare 2! PS3, On Playstation Network! Help?


Ok well i just got the game yesterday and i was playing fine and everything. even went online. but now today i want to get online and its give me like a little notice saying


Fetching Playlists.

Updating Rank and Unlocks.

Connecting to Matchmakers Server.

and it keeps doing this for about 2 mins. and then it gives me a notice saying.


Your sign-in status has changed, Returning to menu.

Does anybody else have the same problem? or know how to fix it or something.!?

Thx in advance

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  1. The launch of the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been a little rocky. Players have been reporting the title’s trophies were not working properly despite being patched initially. Now, the multiplayer servers are shut down for the time being so developer Infinity Ward can perform an upgrade to meet the overwhelming demand.

    But it seems like the rough road is coming to an end.

    Infinity Ward Community man Robert Bowling has given a few updates PS3 owners should take a look at.

    “Trophy Unlocks on PS3 now available in single player & Spec Ops, adding more servers to meet multiplayer demand,” Bowling wrote.

    It was initially believed the second trophy update had broken the servers, but that was not the case. “The Patch was for single-player only. It’s related to the servers being down at the moment during an upgrade. It’ll be fixed when the servers come back up,” he added.

    Bowling also confirmed there will be another patch on Friday that adds party invites.

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