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Microsoft XBOX ONE – Real User Review in Full


Microsoft XBOX ONE - Real User Review in Full

Xbox One with Kinect Review (2014)


  1. Literally just bought a Kinect based on this video because the gesture feature is cool. Only to find out that they removed the feature! Great video though.

  2. hello my friend i have xbox one with kinect and kinect is working but hand not show on home screen can you help me or guide me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. The Kinect needs an additional infra-red camera, and needs to be slightly smaller with a projector.

  4. I love Xbox I got gta v for free just by downloading it from my laptop and putting it on my external hdd.

  5. I'm not trying to sound like a Xbox fanboy but I think the PlayStation community is more nerdy than the xbox community.

  6. I'm not saying I hate ps4, I actually kind of like it but I have always prefered xbox. Ps4 has slightly more gaming power but it makes almost no difference and the xbox one is overall better for media. On top of that I love xbox exclusives. What do you guys think? Do you agree with what I said?

  7. كم يبلغ سعرها في العراق و من الافضل كاميرة اكس بوكس 1 او اكس بوكس 360

  8. I have a dream where Xbox fans….. and PS4 fans…… will come together…. AS BROTHERS!!!

    (one person in the background starts to slowly clapping while the person beside says no.)

  9. i have an Xbox One and at first i hated it because i was unaware you needed internet to play games i almost smashed it to pieces then when i got internet i sort of have a change of heart things run alot smoother and im happy now.

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