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Metro Redux Review


Metro Redux Review


  1. when he says the humans can be as dangerous as the mutants I started laughing.I've never gotten through a level without being slapped by the teenage mutant ninja turtles but I have managed to complete a level without getting shot

  2. metro 2033 is so boring to me it consits of so little gameplay. metro last light however is one of the best games i have ever played, beautiful

  3. You move in slow motion, controls are sluggish, when you crouch you go from 5 ft tall to 4 ft tall, and the graphics look like everything is coated in a thin layer of shit. Also too many cut scenes… Terrible game.

  4. Without some frushtrating bugs (Espescially in LLR) both are the best campain experience I've been though, I feel more emotion than COD:MW2. Come with heart-touching soundtrack and awesome in-game graphics (Thank to 4A Engine, but have you ever imagine it powered by engine like Frostbite or CRYENGINE? I'd die for it. 😀 ). Thank 4A Games for bring me one of the best gaming experience in my life. Wish all the best come to you guys.

  5. Got both games for 9,95 and just finished the first game. Best money spent ever. I am a big Post apocalyptic setting fan and this got me from the beginning.

  6. ewww console review ewww low fps ewww low settings ewwww noob, ewww bad revbiew, ewwwww have a dislike, ewwww fire this guy

  7. You say last lights original graphics, balances and other stuff in application to 2033, makes it sound like you think 2033 was the sequel

  8. The bundle is one of the best singleplayer games I've ever enjoyed yet. It's so simple, there's no stuff on the side to collect, no other objectives or collectibles other than the journal notes. It's just playing the story and its got a decent length to it. There's very few games like this. I thought this should've been 9/10

  9. Holy shit I fucking love this game. I BREATH these games. Fucking beautifully done and a terrific atmosphere along with an amazing story and lore.

    If you are thinking of buying this game you can't go wrong!

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