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Marvel vs Capcom 2 PSN cheats


Marvel vs Capcom 2 PSN cheats

Marvel vs Capcom is being ported to the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.

see all your favourite characters and choose who you want to fight as.

There are two wolverines because one is bone claws and the other is Adamantium claws.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 All characters select screen


  1. marvel vs capcom 2 usa ver. is easy buy in points on unlock characters ,but jp ver. buying with d-pts. ,n-pts. and v-pts.

  2. Xbox live version sucks! Dreamcast is the better one. At least after selecting character you can skip the stage level stuff. You are forced to watch it and slow down the gameplay. NO go! I wish i didn't buy it on xbox 360 🙁

  3. Los personajes dé este juego qué quiero ver en infinite son
    Blackheart, Cable, Cíclope, Coloso, Shuma-Gorath,Silver samurai thanos,venom & war machine.
    Amingo,anakanis,hayato, jin, & Strider Hiryu.

  4. If I can be honest, I never liked this roster all that much, I think Ultimate 3 has a better roster.

  5. best team characters,the avengers,the world warriors,x-men,the hadou,brotherhood of mutants,darkstalkers

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