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Marvel Heroes Omega Coming To PS4 And Xbox One – GS News Update


Gazillion Entertainment, the developer of 2013’s PC RPG Marvel Heroes, has announced a follow-up called Marvel Heroes Omega, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring.

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Marvel Heroes Omega Coming To PS4 And Xbox One - GS News Update


  1. i remember this game being fun on my old pc, but it crashed alot. The graphics are sub-par but the gameplay is good. For a free to play rpg its amazing!

  2. I got rid of my gaming pc and thought I could sign into my old marvel heroes account on a ps4. nevermind. I wonder if they will still keep up with the pc versions servers

  3. will you keep me updated and reply back to me ASAP on marvel heroes omega when you make more videos and and i want ask a question will the game change for the xbox one and ps4 controllers when you the player is using their hero movement and powers because me and all the other marvel heroes players are use to playing it on pc and it will be strange getting use to for the first time and im am glad its finally on a console the only console i got is a xbox one and i want to get marvel heroes omega for that

  4. They finally changed their minds?! Its about fucking time. STO came through and now this, this year is getting more surprising by the months haha.

  5. Be aware, this is a giant trap, this game is a rehash of an old PC game from 2013, the developer Gazillion used to be great and truly cared about the player base, but last year all the old crew in charge left the studio, the new leadership is from EA / CoD, they ruined the direction and vision for the game, they are greedy and arrogant, they would suddenly change ALL of your hundreds of hours worth end-game items into trash, and expect you to re-farm everything with no new update, they haven't release any real new content in almost a year now. Also they wanted people to spend more time, their solution was not add new bosses new zones, it was: Nerf all your heroes damage by 80% and handicap your movement speed, now you can spend 20 mins to farm the exactly same boss you can used to farm within 3 mins. Oh, they ban people who are not in line with their "vision" on the official forum. Not to mention the PS4 version gutted out like half of the game content, only about 60% heroes left, no x-def, no holo, no terminals, no raid…. the list goes on…. on the other hand tho, this is still the only online game with playable X-men, I guess you won automatically when there is no competition around.

  6. I'm hype… kinda sad I can't transfer data, but I don't really care. This is great news.

  7. omg all the comments about how bad the graphics are? fuck me, is this what the gaming community has been reduce to? a bunch of pansy ass crybabies that are incapable of enjoying a real game because of such idiotic reasons LMAO that's just sad.

  8. Absolutely not worth wasting your time on. The PC version has been in steady decline especially under TheArtofRawr.

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