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Mad Max Review


  1. This game is beautiful. The designs are perfect. The story itself was short though. And I would have loved a DLC for this

  2. The same code that was used to build Batman and Watchmen was used in this game, you can see it! It has a very nice game play if you are debating on spending the 10 bucks for this game, don't! Just buy it!

  3. I want Max to be the false name of Joel soon after he had lost his wife and then his daughter.

  4. For some reason this game feels a lot like RAGE… Wish this game would have been a adaptation of the movies: Mad Max, Road Warrior, and Beyond Thunderdome. At a certain point the mechanics seem like they've been copied from other games and the plot seems lacking compared to the lore of the films.

  5. Wow, this game blew me away. I beat it in about 9 days and in my opinion, it was the best game of 2015, and one of the greatest games of this current gen. I mean, I'd rather ram and then blow up a giant truck with a shotgun than slowly crawl around in MGSV, no offence

  6. not a bad game imo the combat is awful with no challenge you can literally one button mash it the entire game which to me killed the game because nearly all the missions are you doing melee combat such a shame because the game with more thought out combat and missions could have been great with the open world they've created which is great

  7. Incredible game, it also runs amazingly well on PC and looks gorgeous! I haven't seen any visual issues like the reviewer said.

  8. got this on a trade.
    I traded my infamous first light for this.
    i cant believe the dude I got this from traded it lol. I think I got a steal from that trade.
    this is really underrated and will be a hidden gem on this console generation.
    man I just wish it had a difficulty option. but still even it has none, its pretty hard at times. I died twicr already lol

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