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Lords Of The Fallen : Gameplay & Review


Lords Of The Fallen : Gameplay & Review


  1. Is this game worth getting? If you think it it is or is not please leave a detailed answer on why and thank you

  2. wow what a shity review nothing on the story or the other mechanics so looks good and its has a good melee combat system

  3. This is more of an impressions video not a real Review video, still well done but next time title your videos better…

  4. Nice graphics, nice sounds.. Cool story BUT I hate how slow are the "fights" it takes from 30m to 2h to kill one "Boss" not even a hard one..
    Hate how bad is the way you fight.. You fail most of your hits but the Boss can kill you from 30m away.. when you are not even in his range.. Hope I can sell this shit and buy something else.

  5. Im a dark souls fan. And this looks alot like dark souls, I haven't played it yet so I don't know how hard it is. But luckily this game will be out for gold.

  6. If it was such a 'master race' u wouldn't be having so many problems now would u? Dumb ass -_-

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