Home Videos In Theory: Can The PlayStation Pro GPU Deliver 4K Gaming?

In Theory: Can The PlayStation Pro GPU Deliver 4K Gaming?


In Theory: Can The PlayStation Pro GPU Deliver 4K Gaming?


  1. Bro, can you please tell me why my Fallout 4 is playing at such a low LoD? (level of detail)? ; the frame rate is slow and I have a brand new PS4 pro and 4k Tv! { yes, it's properly paired and I also have brand new disc, dlc download..

    could it be my atrocious wifi connection? I need resolution I am ripping out my hair over this!
    thank you for your video

  2. Why not just make it a option in game or in console settings? Like what detail to run games at, and resolution. If the user wants sub 60 fps at 4k ultra let them have it. If they want 120 fps at 1080p no AA let them have it. This is why PC gaming will always be better.

  3. I wanted more FPS, but looks like we didn't get that, because like one wise user said "shooting for 60FPS doesn't sell 4K TV's." I'm one of the early adapters of PS4 Pro with a 1080 TV, so has thus far it has been a big disappointment.

  4. media bias…. doesn't anyone remember when back in the days upscaling was a horrible thing?! when upscaling was almost considered as a crime?! but now that changed right now
    upscaling is a smart thing, upscaling now is the best option right?!! GTFO

  5. I'd prefer better looking 1080p by far. With good FSAA, 1080p looks great even on huge TVs. Better effects, shadows, models and textures make a way bigger difference than the higher resolution.

  6. why would ps4 not just be 1440 instead of 4k games 1440 is easier to run and people got them more

  7. Seriously does it matter if the Pro falls short of true 4K?

    How many people will be able to afford 4K TVs large enough to allow them to see the difference?

    HDR will provide the major improvement in visuals and all 4s have that capability now since V4 of the firmware was released.

    I just wish I could get a standard HD TV with HDR, I don't want a TV larger than 55 inches and that's really the smallest TV required to see any improvement with 4K (unless I wanted to sit a couple of feet away from it, which I don't).

    I'm getting PS VR and I expect that it here that the PS4 Pro will really shine. 4K and HDR are way outside my budget right now.

  8. I know there's better optimized games in the PC too, like bf4 I play all night at 1080 p ultra on my gtx 570 which is weaker than the ps4 and at least in metro 0 lag while the ps4 some times stays at 10 fps for a bit with random lag maybe because of the and CPU…

    But usually devs optimize better on the console because they still make a ton more money there.

    I also prefer the PC, but I like both…

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