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If I trade in my PS3 to game stop could I get enough money to buy a 360?


All my friends own a 360 and I wanna play with them. But my dad got me a ps3 for christmas.

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  1. the PS3 is a 10 year sysyem. the 360’s reign is gonna be over soon. if anything trade your PS3 in for microsoft’s next-gen system.

  2. Easily & enough for games – but then you will have to pay for online – there are millions of peole online with PS3 anyway

    I say stick with it, cause supposedly microsoft have plans for a re-modeled X-box next year to use Project Natal – Also a 1TB hardrive

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  3. Yes you will. And the clerk will probably laugh at you all the way to the bank. What you have is by far a more capable console.

    Save up $150 and go buy a used 360. dont trade in a PS3. What you have right now will be better soon.

    I dont know how old you are, but you can probaly do odd jobs and have the money for a 360 in a couple of days.

    Heck I had a spare 360 Elite I gave to my little brothers friend last night. I bought it when my other one went RROD.

  4. Ok if I were you I stick with Ps3 because has nice Graphics , free online play , Instal with blu ray.

    The 360 you have to pay for online but it has awesome Games also to trade your ps3 it depends on the ps3 memory and condition its in. Hope dis helps =)

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