Home Xbox Forum I want to buy a new gaming headset.?

I want to buy a new gaming headset.?


I have an old Xbox. My question is, do you need another cable to make it work (some optical adapter) that doesn’t come with (all) the headsets. I have a HD-AV component cable [url is not allowed]

As you see in the picture, it has that little black hole. Is that enough or do i have to buy this [url is not allowed]

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  1. If u have the old xbox 360 i recomend the turtle beach x12 very comfterbale and not that expensive. I have the first xbox 360 white. The usb cable on the turtlebeachs plug in to the back of the xboxwhere the wireless adapter plugs in. Plug the wireless adapter in the front of the xbox.thats how i have mine. And tge it comes with the white and red cables. Plug the white and red turtle beach cables first then ur xbox tv cables next plug the yelow one in normally. And the red and white xbox cables plug in the back of the turtle beach cables. I hope i helped. If u dont have the xbox im talking about than this might not make sense

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