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Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age – Crytek Talks Co-Op


Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age - Crytek Talks Co-Op


  1. And nobody will respond to this most likely. It's a shame… this game looks interesting and it would have been nice to try out. but what the hell happened to the game? It's 2016 O_o

  2. I cant wait. come on crytek! end of 2015 or early 2016!! dont give up on this game. eagerly anticipating the launch #ps4

  3. Why not a make a proper game. Pay once and get everything through progression. I mean 95% of Free to play games i've played are either an endless grind fest or pay to win.

  4. OMG YES FINALLY A AWSOME GAME BASSED ON MYTHS, I hope they include things that are more in the dark like Garm, Mouth-man, Jersey demon, and the legen of the greates anaconda wich i forgot the name of. YESSSSS GIVE MEEE 

  5. so basically this year, the theme for gaming is….Van Helsing/Solomon Kane type of games…

    Bloodborne, This, Order 1886, lets see how many more will line up in this type of thematic. 

  6. Just watched the Live demo, very nice Alpha;!

    The weapons and their effect on the enemies are severely lacking…

    Visuals are next-gen but the animation and the damage effects are ps2 era…

    Hope you do well Crytek.

  7. is this game first or third person because if its third i might not get it but if its first im deffinately gettin it

  8. I am interested. Hopefully it is fun to play solo too (I have no friends who game). If so I am there.

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