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How do I share my Music, Videos, and Photos to my PS3 using the Media Sharing feature with the DLNA?


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I have a router, Dell laptop running on XP (DLNA Media Server), and a PS3.

The PS3 and Laptop are both connected to the same router, just like in picture 3 on the link.

I go to Windows Media Player (WMP) 11, Library, Media Sharing, and check the “share my media to” box.

I connect my PS3. Nothing happens. I even allowed it on my fire wall.

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I went to and then Apps and Gaming, and then entered all the ports:





Nothing happens. Where I should get “Unknown Device” in the box under the “Share my media to” I get nothing.


oh ya, I even tried connecting my PS3 to my laptop via Ethernet cable and setting up the connection:

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My question:

Any Suggestions? How do I allow sharing?

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  1. do not share with media player 11. use tversity

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    its easy to set up, easy to use and will allow you to share more than media player will. by the way its free.

  2. Getting a Windows PC to talk to a PS3 can be hard. even unstable.

    I fixed the problem by getting an External Hard Drive that my PS3 and PC can both access. that removes the problem of them talking to each other by them only talking to the Hard Drive.

    Just make sure it’s formatted to FAT32 and it’s all good.

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