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how do i set up a wireless or wi fi connection for my xbox 360 for internet?


i want to get on to xbox live on my 360 but i am not able to get a stable connection maybe because of the network i live in. i’m just trying to figure out if i can maybe set up a temp connection towards being able to go online.

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  1. Need more information about your internet.

    Am I right that you have Wi-fi at home?

    I mean, you have internet cable which goes to ROUTER or Access point (not big box with not big aerial and a lot of blinking lights)?

    And when you try to test connection; is it says something like “no connection”?

    Or you have the connection but you recieving a message during test that “your NAT is strict (moderate)”. or what?

    Tell more about.

  2. You could either connect an ethernet cable from your Xbox to your computer or you could buy a wireless adapter. If you use the ethernet cable, you would always have to check on your computer to make sure it doesn’t fall asleep. But, if you want to get the adapter, which I recommend, it is very costly.

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