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How do I get Internet for Xbox Live?


I want to play on Xbox live with friends, but I don’t have Internet. My parents won’t allow home wifi, but they said I can get Xbox live if I can connect it to the Internet in some other way. I’ve looked at mobile wifi hotspots, but the plans are expensive. Do you know any cheap ways of connecting, like a cord instead of wifi, or a cheap mobile hotspot?

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  1. Ignore this other moron.

    First off, do you have a router/Modem? This is important. Without this, obviously, you wouldn’t have internet for your computer.

    Next, buy an Ethernet Cord. This will connect to your xbox and your router. This is called “Wired Connection” and is much easier because all you have to do is plug it in and you are connected, no button pressing and searching for wifi needed.

    Finally, buy an xbox live card. You CAN connect to xbox live for free, which is called SILVER membership, but you can only talk with friends and not play with them. GOLD membership has two options. You can pay month to month which is 10 dollars a month (120 a year) or just buy a 1 year card which is 50 dollars (that is 70 dollars cheaper.) These are called LIVE cards and will give you GOLD membership so you can play with friends. They can be found at Target, Best Buy, Rite Aid, etc.

    Hope this helped. If you have any more questions email me @ [email is not allowed]

  2. To connect with Xbox live, you’ll require an high-speed internet connection. No, your parents don’t know jackshit about this kind of stuff.

    But yeah, an high-speed internet cable or wi-fi. That’s all.

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