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How can I get an xbox one for cheap?


So my birthday is coming up and instead of asking for an xbox one (dont want to waste parents money) i will get about 50 pound from them. Plus the friends that wiil come. So I will have about 250 pound. How can i get an xbox one for around 250 pound that is new? Dont say ebay, because I THINK most of them are scams so i dont want to risk it. Thanks

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  1. You won’t even be able to get a used one for that price let alone new one, try selling some things you have but don’t use to make the extra money

  2. you can get a used one, but you won’t get a warrent i suggust getting the Assasin Creed bundle and selling the 2 games online for $40-50 (the games are also Digital download with a code on the back of them)

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