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Hard-drive & PS3 Games?


Hi guys. I know this guy in a shop and he knows that i have a ps3. I wanted to get a hard-drive from him and he said that he could sell me a 1 Terabyte hard-drive (though i’m not sure yet which brand is it) with 80 PS3 downloaded games in it for approximately $124. I converted the price cause i’m not in US. So any advice? Thanks in advance guys!

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  1. It won’t work in your PS3 unless you have it jailbroken. Actually, you have to format the drive to get it to work in the new system so it’s useless to you anyway as far as the downloaded stuff. The PS3 requires a format to the drive when you install it specifically to prevent people from doing just this.

  2. I would make sure it is compatible and that it is legit and not a scam. It wouldn’t hurt to know what games.

  3. the number 1 rule is to make them show you the games you are getting and then you will answer your own question

    i would also like to add don’t trust ps3 users they will not share with you but steal from you

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