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Halo Wars 2: Official Launch Trailer


Halo Wars 2: Official Launch Trailer


  1. can they make a world war 2 version of this please? I've been looking for world war 2 red alert like strategy games EVERYWHERE. and since they have Blitz mode it's only right if they do.

  2. If the game interests you and you're on the fence with purchasing it…I reviewed the game on my channel (super small channel). The footage is entirely from the Xbox one version. It's a great review and I hope to help : )

  3. If the tone of Halo would stop being so bloody Hollywood and get back to the unique feeling it used to have, everyone would be happier. The tone is becoming really, really over serious and generic. Sort it out 343

  4. People say this is the sequel to Halo 5. If it is, then why are the Spartans wearing Mark IV MJOLNIR Armor?

  5. I cant look or listen to the gorilla looking dude and the other guy without thinking of the car ad

  6. Ah, so this is the game that xbox users have to play for most of this year until the next exclusive comes out 🙂 how neat.

  7. congratulations 343 I've been a fan since halo CE and you finally earned back my love for the series thank you but understand you need to listen to what your fans want in the next game

  8. I'm still wondering ware atriox was during all the other halo games? If he couldn't even be stoped by the fully powered covenant then why was he not involved at all during human/covenant war? How could they spare enough resources to possibly wipe out our entire species but couldn't beet one rouge faction?

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