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Gemini: Heroes Reborn Review


Gemini: Heroes Reborn is short, drab, and derivative, but it nevertheless generally remains fun throughout its five-hour running time. In its best moments, it mixes familiar elements from beloved platformers and puzzlers to create an experience that, at least for brief moments, captures the essence of the show.

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Gemini: Heroes Reborn Review

Here is my review for Gemini Heroes Reborn for the Playstation 4. Really surprising but this is a fun game just wish it was a tad bit longer. I think fans of Heroes and non fans will enjoy this game.

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Gemini: Heroes Reborn - PS4 Review (A Licensed Game that is Good)


  1. I don't give a flying bloo what people say about the I want more of it. They can at lest make 4 DLCs fore it.

  2. first i thought its a great indie game then i found out its a heroes V game ? thats mean it have high budget then why this shitty look like game ?

  3. Seems so much like a cheap version of Portal, minus the portals and replaced with time abilities

  4. Why are people so against ropey rag-doll physics? Some of the funniest things ive seen in gaming came from poor ragdolls.

  5. Honestly ign are you dumb? The show was SUPPOSED TO BE 1 Season it was a mini series get your facts straight

  6. Honestly ign are you dumb? The show was SUPPOSED TO BE 1 Season it was a mini series get your facts straight

  7. this game is shit i bought it and at first it was fine but then when i finished the tutorial it had to download something which it has been doing for the past hour or so later it said that i should delete it and reinstall it again because it couldnt download so i did that which did nothing but make me wait another hour for the game to reinstall but it did not fix the download problem basically this is a huge waste of money and glitchy as fuck allowing you to easily sequence break the shit outta this piece of shit game i give this game a -100/10

  8. You convinced me to buy this but it turns to be a wast of money after playing it for a half hour, thanks for lying to everyone watching this lie of a review.

  9. Actually the game sucks and it's way to easy to break it, the AI are awful, the graphics are bad(like the production team got replaced with their 12 year old nephews), and the story is just awful(like the series itself).

  10. Oh look, it's the Half-Life 2 gravity gun. I am curious, does this game have a see-saw physics puzzle? Developers always seem to want to stick that in.

  11. This game has some awsome graphics, this is an underrated gem,though a price reduction would be welcomed.

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