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Gamestop Used PS4 Unboxing


April 2017 update: PS4 Still works great.
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Gamestop – New: http://goo.gl/6uf6JR
Used: http://goo.gl/Vsv4R8

UK Gamestop: http://goo.gl/VgTI4P

Canada Gamestop/EBGames: http://goo.gl/yZ4ar7

Amazon: http://goo.gl/W8bYOT
UK: http://goo.gl/ZEtO3A
Canada: http://goo.gl/eU67qJ

Gamestop Used PS4 Unboxing

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  1. At the start u said u bout it second hand because everyone has seen the new unboxing vid so u got a second hand one, but I think Yu jst didn't want to spend heaps of money on the console, but I'm not judging u in a bad way cause a bought mine second hand

  2. man u should have waited until now to get a used ps4 from gamestop they are only $269.99 for 500gb I'm guessing in April 2014 u paid about 500.

  3. did they state what was refurbished on PS4 ? did it come with any warranty.I can get one now for 315 at gamestop refurbished . Is it worth it to save some money ? thanks

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