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gamestop trade in xbox 360 games?


hi how much would gamestop give me if i trade in these games:

-gears of war 1

-army of two


please i need the information

thanks 🙂

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  1. i used to work in gamestop. DO NOT TRADE YOUR GAMES IN! its a tottal scam. they give u 35% of what you payed. and if its old the percent goes dont 5% by 2 months. so you would basicly get 10 or so dollars back.

  2. Not much. The only way to know exactly is to go and ask.

    But I do know, that you get MORE money if you choose to use it as store credit. But trading for cash hardly gets you anything.

  3. They really do rip you off. You’d probly get around $50 for all 3, maybe less. If you want, try selling to friends or other people at a discounted price but still more than what you’d get at Gamestop.

  4. The only way I know of to find out the trade in price for sure is to go ask them. I have yet to find a good up to date web site that tracks the values.

    Yes, you get a fraction of the games price. But it’s a lot faster and easier than trying to sell on ebay and the like. If you get their weekly emails, they periodically will give bonuses if you trade in multiple games or use the trades to buy certain new games. If you wait for one of those deals you can significantly increase the value of your trades.

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