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Furmins on PS Vita – Gameplay Video


Furmins on PS Vita - Gameplay Video


  1. i absolutely love my vita. it's the white ac3 model and ive easily invested several hundred dollars into it with games, memory and accesories. housemarque is a fantastic dev team, so far i really like every game they release. this looks fun and ill be buying it on release.

  2. I don't really like these type of games…cause it feels like a smartphone game and also i feel like i seen a bunch of these types of games on kongregate

  3. Judging by the like to dislike ratio I can safely confirm a lot of people enjoy eating shit.

  4. :))) У меня скоро тоже будет PS Vita, вот клёво будет…

  5. You make my sad sony, WHY CAN YOU GUYS MAKE SOME GODD VITA GAMES and can someone please tell me why the hell I need to PAY TO LISTEN TO MUSIC WHEN ON PS4 >=[

  6. sigh these type of games seem really "eh" on the vita considering it already has games like P4G, Ragnarok, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, etc. I feel like this could've been something I can just download to my phone. =

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