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Fracture Xbox Gameplay – Part 1


I missed out on this game back when it came out. I heard it didn’t do so well sales-wise despite being a very good game. So far I’m having a blast!

Fracture Xbox Gameplay - Part 1


  1. will there ever be a sequel to this game, I got it ages ago and replay at least 6x
     a year. its so good 🙂

  2. looks a lot like red faction indeed . I might give the game a chance because the price is low at the local gamestore at the moment .

  3. Were you joking with the sub sonic grenades, you hit everything but the bloody crates for over a minute, made me laugh, thanks…. but seriously this looks really good. Heading to Amazon now, thinks its only like 3 or 4 Euro at the minute…..thanks for decent lenght video.

  4. it's great for the price you got. I really recommend it if people can get it cheap. Since multiplayer is pretty dead I wouldn't recommend paying any more than $15-$20.

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