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Family Video Games – Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy


Come to ancient Egypt for your next adventure! Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is an adventure game with two heroes instead of one. Sphinx is the cool, agile, fighter hero of the game, and his counterpart is Tut, based on the boy Egyptian King Tutankhamen. Tut is Sphinx’s exact opposite; he is clumsy and unsure of himself, but he manages to come out on top in the end.

The story begins with Sphinx in training and he is betrayed by his friend Horus. Horus drops out of the game shortly after betraying Sphinx as all bad guys should. Tut now comes into the picture. Tut is naturally inquisitive as are most young fellows, and stumbles in on a secret meeting held by his most trusted advisors. He learns they are planning to take the throne away from the boy king. Tut, being clumsy and not too bright, ends up getting captured and turned into a mummy by his advisors. This scene is a little graphic for the youngest players, so cover their eyes. ( Tut is much more fun as a mummy, anyway ). The mummification process distributes parts of the mortal Tut into jars which get scattered all over the land. Sphinx’s job is to collect the jars so Tut can be brought back to life. Tut is trapped in the palace, and Sphinx is trapped outside. There is a special go-between who can transfer items back and forth between the two heroes. Tut helps Sphinx and Sphinx helps Tut. Together they succeed in restoring Tut to his mortal state and taking back the kingdom.

Sphinx’s abilities are any kind of fighting. He is the action of the game. He is the one who flies, fights, explores and has the courage to accomplish whatever tasks are at hand.

Tut’s abilities as the boy king are knocking things over and harassing the help. His main purpose is to show the youthful exuberance side of life, so when he is turned into a mummy, you will want him back as a boy. The boy Tut always seems to be in the way.

Tut’s abilities as a mummy are far more interesting. Since he is already dead, he can be electrocuted, set on fire, split into pieces that become clones of the mummy, and squashed thin like a piece of paper without the player worrying about killing him. The mummy does not carry any weapons, so he uses his head to solve any tasks presented.

The graphics of the game are fantastic with interesting rooms, chambers, and unique bad guys which add up to a very intriguing game. The game has challenging battles, and thought-provoking puzzles. This game gets thumbs up and will give many hours of enjoyment for you and your family. It is available for XBox, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Gamecube.

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Submitted On December 12, 2006Console GamesCome to Ancient Egypt on your next adventure. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is a virtual treat for the eyes and good exercise for the brain.Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy,video games,ancient egypt,xbox,gamecube,playstation 2

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