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Family Settings on XBox Live?


I am trying to download the battlefield: bad company 2 demo for my xbox 360 off of the marketplace, but my family settings are weird so it says i cant download it on my account because of the rating. is there any way to disable or change my family settings?

-Please help, thanks

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  1. If your account is a child account, but your now 18 or older, you can upgrade your account to an adult account from account management. However, if your account is still under the age of 18, then you’ll have to wait until your 18 because you won’t be able to download any M rated content even with family settings off. You could create a new account though if you really wanted to that would have to be at least 18.

  2. Changing them won’t let you download the demo if you’re under 18. Microsoft blocks underage users from downloading M-rated demos and content. You have to make another account and set it to over 18 if you want it.

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