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Does anyone have any idea why the Sony Play-stations break down so fast and easily?


We have one we bought last November in which the motor burned out. I have spoken to several other people who have had to replace their Play Stations a few times already. And forget repairing them, if you can find a person that repairs them it will cost as much or more than a new one would. We will never buy another Playstation. We have tons of games we will be selling. We still have a very old Nintendo 64 that still works great, so we will be on a hunt for more old games for that system,

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  1. I have ps, ps1,ps2 and now ps3, i only had problems with psp.it used to heat up more than usual otherwise none of my consoles had problems at all and they are still working.

    I have a working N64 as well ^ ^ ahh those days.

  2. Ps2 or ps3.

    We have had the ps2 since 2001 and all we’ve had to do is run a lens cleaning disk every month and we have had no problem.

    We have had our ps3 running 24hrs a day since march and we have owned it since December and we have had no problems. We play games movies and it runs the folding at home while we sleep. This is the first this answers board has seen this post. Are you sure your not talking about the 360. now we see alot of post about that being sent in multiple times in fact we’re on our third.

    Did you ever go online to get the updates (ps3)? Do you have it in the entertainment center without ventilation?

    Post your issues on the us.playstation.com site and maybe Sony can help you figure it out.

  3. Never had any major problems with ours and had it for about 6 years and it gets loads of use, we have over 80 games for it.

  4. i had my ps2 since it first came out and i still play it, plays fine i did break one because i drop it other than dropping it i havent had a problem with ps2 so unless your talking about the very first ps i had one of those and never had a problem you might be overheating it because it in a close area but other than that i can’t think of anything else that would cause it.

  5. Sounds like you are not allowing enough air around your systems and not allowing them to breathe. I have a V2 “fatty” that I play on 2-4 hours a day and have for many many years, I watch movies on it all the time too. The only thing I have ever had to do is replace the laser due to excessive gaming and movie watching.

  6. You must have really bad luck with SONY Playstations because to be honest, this is the first I hear of anyone having problems like the ones you’ve mentioned.

    I’m very surprised you’ve had THAT many problems with them.

    SUGGESTION: Forget about the Playstation and stick with another gaming console if your experiences have been that bad.

    Good luck!

  7. if 2-3 years is fast and easy then yeah i have that same problem too. and even then they dont actually break they just start to slow down a little bit and maybe get a controller port issue (ill admit there is a problem with the controller ports on ps2 but it could just be the fact my dog comes running thru the living toom and tears the controller out of the port atleast once a week. thank god for bluetooth)

    so you just treat your system like crap, be nice to it and it will be nice to you.

  8. That’s a regular story. First versions of the same console are perfect, last versions are not. PS2 is a good example. Sony cuts production costs’n’all – here’s the result – reduced quality.

  9. You do know the PS2 can play the PS games right? Heck it would probably be cheaper then the rate you are buying Playstations and it is a great system. The games can be played and you just have to use a PS Memory card of PS games. I have never heard of a motor burning out though.

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