Home Playstation Forum Does anybody know when is the Playstation 4 coming out.?

Does anybody know when is the Playstation 4 coming out.?



  1. in 2013 we should hear about it. Even if the ps3 will last 10 years doesnt mean it will be the only console out there. Both the ps2 and ps3 were running at the same time and they still are to this day now. Both have new games released every week.

  2. Sony has stated that the PS3 was designed to last for 10 years so if that’s true then we won’t see the PS4 until at least 2016! I’m guessing the PS4 would make an earlier debut depending on when MS releases the next XBOX!

    The PS3 debuted in 2006 so we still have another 6 years left according to Sony before the PS4 sees the light of day! I’m guessing the PS4 has probably moved from the development stage to an actual working concept but of course Sony isn’t saying anything!

  3. Sony is committed to a 10+ year life cycle on the PS3 so you can’t expect a PS4 for quite some time and nor should you want to. A generational shift in game technology comes a significant bump in development and operating costs for devs and publishers. A new console generation will see a narrowing of available titles and a risk adverse culture amongst publishers. All of which would be bad for the consumer.

  4. about 7 years. They said that the PS3 would be the next gen game console of the decade. however, they may not even create a PS4 because the PS3 is so awesome!

  5. Nobody knows the time it will come out, but it will definitely not be for a few years yet it will more than likely be out between the years 2012 and 2015 possibly later than that, at the moment there is no release date whatsoever.

  6. It took like 6 years to make ps3.i guess the same will take for ps4, i think in 2013-2014 it will be released

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