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Devil May Cry HD Collection: DMC1 – Black Knight Gameplay


Devil May Cry HD Collection: DMC1 - Black Knight Gameplay


  1. Remastered ,you mean only the resolution has been upped. I'm not bashing the game, I think it looks really great with the updated resolution,but a remastering means they would change the textures and sound. 🙂

  2. Everyone knows after you get behind Nelo Angelo (Virgil), you rush in with the stinger. Everyone except this guy.

  3. no no no ,you don't get my question , i was only concerned about bugs and glitchs like the case of silent hill remaster, i heard that the HD remake of silent hill was unplayable, i am also a hardcore MGS fan and bought it even though i played it to death on PS2 before.

  4. If you're a "loyal hardcore fan" then it shouldn't even be a question. My favorite video game series of all time is Metal Gear Solid. When I found out they made the HD version I bought it the next day. Next day only because it was night time and Gamestop was probably closed. And it's the original $49.99 one too.

  5. Graphics for gameplay and cutscenes have been remastered and look outstanding. I recommend buying. You seriously wont regret it.

  6. alright, to guys who played both the original and the HD version , how does the HD version compare to the original version in terms of graphics and sound? is there really siginificant change from the original PS2 game? in other words, me as a loyal hardcore fan of DmC, should i get this game or should i just stick with my original DmC games on PS2?

  7. Good heavens that was some bad playing. What happened to stinger? Or charging guns? Or gunplay in general? 😮

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