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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut Launch Trailer


Take a look at the launch trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, now available for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Launch Trailer

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  1. Is the Directors cut better or worse than the original version? I'm going to be playing it soon, and I want to know what version I should get.

  2. Heh. Wilhelm scream.

    Also, I like how he's talking about the temptation to misuse technology right as they're showing off the awful touchscreen bullshit.

  3. Probably very little. A directors cut is usually just final cash grab to milk out what they can out of a game that most people how would play it, have played it and may like it enough to buy it again; or to reintroduce it to people who may have missed it when it first came out

  4. To someone who's never played the game- get it, its fucking awesome
    To someone who's seen every ending and has 100% of the game- not worth it at all.

  5. I just didn't think it stood up the original, although that's just my opinion. I still enjoyed it enough to play it 13 times over, and it's a great game on it's own, but I think the first and second games were much better.

  6. Damn it Square Enix and Eidos, give us a remake of Deus Ex in the original style of the game! In my opinion, the games have gotten worse and worse as time passed.
    Original- 😀
    Invisible War- 🙂
    Human Revolution- :/
    Director's Cut- 🙁

    I have to say though, The Fall was excellent for an IPad game.

  7. There should be some type of upgrade system similar to steam for the console versions so we don't have to by the same game twice.

  8. what diference betwean deus ex human rev and deus ex directors cut? i finish human rev good game =)

  9. fuck..i just bought the old version last week and i already put in like over 15hrs in the game..fucking great..oh well..i guess i just keep playing it..there is no way im going to start the same game all over again..i already exploited the hacking glitch to get lots of Praxis points and lots of money..made over 70 thou hacking the door to the Dj's room in the hive .

  10. But the DC version has new game plus, redone boss fights, and redone energy system (Plus other graphical and technical things i dont care about xD)

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