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Dead island DLC not working?


Ok so i preordered dead island for the ps3 and got the 2 redemption codes for ps store. I put the first one in along time ago and it worked fine. The second one( blood bath arena) came out today. When i put the code in for it, it just tells says that i didnt put it in correctly or it is no longer active. Somebody tell me what the hell is goin on. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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  1. I downloaded and installed(PS3), but I can’t find it in in the menu. I see the leader boards already are registering, so i know it’s being played. I can’t figure out how to access it tho. hmm.

  2. Same here 🙁

    I was reading that the dlc will not be available until the playstaion store does it’s store update. I’ve waited until 10pm before for other games (sigh). Usually the store updates come on Tuesdays between 12-8 pm. Check again at midnight to be sure or keep an eye on dead island forums for updates. I hope I have helped.

    Update: my code is now working and it is downloading right now.

    Happy hunting!

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