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Can you use any HD PVR to capture xbox gameplay?


I am after a device to capture my xbox gameplay. A lot of people have suggested the Hauppauge which I can’t seem to find, and I would like to avoid ordering online if possible. So wha tI want to know is, can any HD PVR in stores capture xbox 360 gameplay? I’m looking to edit videos and post on youtube. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.

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  1. idk but i also recommend the haupage hd pvr. You should try asking someone in best buy or another store ask someone if they have one or could get you one. Also give me a link to your youtube channel i want to check it out and sub maybe. : )

  2. you can use anything newelectronx hd pvr, dazzle, easycap, blackmagic, or hauppauge. look in your local stores or order online.

  3. Yes you can.

    You can also use a dazzle video capturing device. $120 for all of it at a electronic store.

    It’s ironic cause i’m selling mine for $70 on ebay.

    Good luck!

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