Home Playstation Forum Can you download Rock Band 2 Songs on PS3?

Can you download Rock Band 2 Songs on PS3?


Is there like a Rock Band Store to buy more songs on Rock Band 2 for PS3 like there is for XBox 360?

I’m gettin a PS3 and I really want to know.

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  1. yes you have to sign up on the playstation network then go to the playstation store then from there you can go to the rockband section and download tons of songs.for a price.i think its like $1.99 per song or something like that

  2. Yes there is. You can purchase downloadable songs for Rock Band 2 on PS3. Most songs cost $1.99. You can also get a whole track pack at a discounted rate than what it would’ve costed if you bought all the songs separately. Just either go to the PlayStation Store under the XMB > View All By Title > R > Rock Band, or go to the Music Store under the Rock Band 2 main menu.

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