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Can the new Xbox 360 jasper be modded to run pirated games?


I am buying a new Xbox 360 within a month from the US so have a few questions.

1. Is the jasper version available now or is Falcon also available?

2. Can the jasper version be modded to play pirated games(m pretty much aware about the banning from xbox live network, warranty and stuff)?

3. Is the pal version also available in US?

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  1. 1. All 360 consoles built after either Nov 08 or Dec 08 are Jasper models

    2. The new consoles use the Liteon or BenQ drive and i’m pretty sure they can be modded

    3. US sold consoles are NTSC unless you can import one from a PAL country

  2. 1) Microsoft only makes the new jasper 65nm version because it has less problem than the older version (games crushing, the infamous ring of death etc.) since its’ chipset & cooling system are better.

    If you are buying a new console these days, make sure it was made in late 2008 or early 2009 in order to make sure it is the jasper version.

    2) The jasper version can definately be modded if you want to run back ups on it. It doesn’t even need a chip – just modifying the drive’s firmware. However, it does have a high chance to get you banned from xbox live service and void your warranty.

    3) I don’t think the pal version is available in US, but if you live in europe and want to buy xbox 360 in the US, there are many ways to get NTSC games on the internet from ebay and online shops.

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