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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Xbox One Review Update


Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One Review Update


  1. An honest review. campaign=decent but looks like it is copy and pasted sometimes from mw2 and mw3. 7,5 rating.   Multiplayer=fuckin g shit not enjoyable not fun to repetitive. 5,5 rating,   verdict of complete game=6,5

  2. im playing on 360 and it looks great but i am planing on picking up a one soon and since i dont care much for cod  future warefare imitejust buy ghost again  

  3. Why do people care which version of the game has sharper blades of grass anyways? It's like we are comparing the size of our dicks, and you get so insecure if my dick is a half of a cm bigger than yours. Who gives a shit? Are there not more important things to worry about besides which version of COD has the nicest looking grass?

  4. You have to give cod some praise. They make some good campaigns. Battlefield is a multiplayer game. Get both play code campaign and battlefield multiplayer prob solved

  5. אממממ… אני רוצה את זה חזק!!!
    אממממ…. אני רוצה את זה גדול!!!
    ממילא אין פה ישראלים…

  6. Uh, WHAT. 1280*720? THIS is the next generation, huh? What, did IW have to scale it down because Microsoft's hardware wouldn't run at 60 FPS at 1920*1080 resolution? The last generation of consoles were on par with powerful PCs. This new generation, they're already behind. Great. Eight more years of stagnation and stalemates in the technological evolution.

  7. they keep the same formula because you guys keep buying the games,stop buying these assemblyline games and maybe they will make some drastic changes.and if you still buy the games dont act so suprised if its more of the same shit. 

  8. I find that the Xbox One version has better color contrast but the PS4 version looks sharper.

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